How To Consign:
We are accepting Spring and Summer gently used clothing and shoes for children, teens, woman and men. Our main focus is Children clothing, which is unlimited. However, due to space, we limit teens, women and men. Please call if you have more than 20 items of each. You can bring as many Childrens items as you would like!!
Other items we accept:
*Bedding, blankets, sheets, etc.
*Toys (NO $1 grab bags, McDonald toys, etc)
*Character Stuffed Animals ONLY!!
*High Chairs, Walkers, Strollers, Bouncers, Bumbo Seats, etc.
*CarSeats (MUST BE IN DATE: most expire 6 years from manufacture date)
*Pictures (Up to date)
*DVDS, Games, etc. (NO VHS TAPES)

How to Tag:

Use 3 x 5 Index Cards- I like them to be done Horizontal, but if you have items tagged from another sale, DO NOT retag ! Just change the number if we dont have the same one available!!

Use Whole Dollars ($1.00, $2.00, not $1.50)

Write in RED, if you want it to go half price at the end of the sale ONLY!!
Write HC in the bottom left corner if you want to Donate your unsold items!!

Hangers should face the left (like picture) with index
cards (like picture)pinned to the left side with safety pin!
                                                     Saftey Pin

Consignor #                   * **                             Size

                           Short Description